WAGNER TUNING Увеличенный интеркулер COMPETITION EVO II для Audi RS3 8P

WAGNER TUNING Увеличенный интеркулер COMPETITION EVO II для Audi RS3 8P ID#145
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Intercooler Upgrade Kit EVO II for the Audi RS3 8P
The high performance intercooler has the following Netzabmaße (535mm x 260mm x 95mm), providing a 62.5% larger exposed area and 94% more cargo volume of air in relation to the original intercooler. The new Competition-high performance power granted to the adjacent components, such as z.Bsp. the water cooler, yet sufficient airflow and is also very easy. The end boxes of the charge air cooler are made of cast aluminum and have been optimized under flow analysis in the CAD system. This intercooler has hevorragende cooling characteristics and is perfect for racing. The charge air cooler and the original crossmember form a stable unit and weighs thanks to the new Competition-high performance power less than 10kg. The assembly is made to the original attachment points, and is easy to perform (1: 1 exchange). Optimum cooling of the charged air with significant performance increase!

All of our products undergo continuous quality monitoring.
Scope of delivery:1 intercooler together with the cross1 plate holder inclined 20 °1 installation instruction

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Модели AUDI RS3
Производитель Wagner Tuning
Вес 12 кг